Anna Blanton - Ole Lang Syne

Shane Dawson - Backwoods Badass

Jayson William Allen - Breath Me In

Ari Mac - You'll Get Your's

Gerald Harris - Praise, Praise

Music Videos

Music is a beautiful expression of mood and feelings.  It allows us to take a journey through the brightest and darkest parts of our souls.  Quite often an artist will want to expand their reach to the world by translating their musical creation into moving pictures.  We have worked with many artists with concepts ranging from the simplest "In Studio" video to the extreme avant-garde.  Music videos are one of our favorite mediums.  Here are a few of our favorites.  And be sure to explore the music of all our artists.  They have much to offer to the world.

Jayson William Allen - Blame

Ari Mac - Keep An Eye On Me

Guerrilla RED - Break Free

Jayson William Allen -

Lost in Time

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